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January 18, 2018

Wet Your Whistle At The Pig ‘n Whistle In Hardy

Sixty years to today is a long time, but you can now enjoy a beer or some wine at a Hardy restaurant right on Main Street. The Pig and Whistle restaurant owned by Philip and Rebecca Ashcroft recently decided to opt for the private club license prior to the new law passage on alcohol sales in Sharp County. We chose to apply for a private club license, so that we weren’t really dependent on the vote that went through recently,” owner Philip Ashcroft said. Remember don’t think that you will have any problem becoming a member, all you have to do is basically  just sign your name when you come in.

The dining menu includes several items that might be considered Indian rather than British fare, such as Chicken Tikka Masala – but Ashcroft says that “These days, in Britain, Indian curry is probably the most popular dish when you go out to eat,” also adding that they will offer unique items from time to time, to try out on the menu.
With the recent election legalizing the serving of alcohol without the requirement of private club membership, there may be more competition appearing in Hardy, with or without alcohol – and Ashcroft welcomes them.

“We’ve done our best to promote Hardy, we’ve done our best to promote other businesses on Main Street, and they have returned the compliment to us… it’s a great community, everyone working together.” So be sure to come PAUSE in Hardy, Ar. and have a nice drink with that meal. Oh, by the way, you might want to hurry up because the owners will shut down the Pig ‘n Whistle for five weeks from January 20 to March 1 to enjoy some time off and discuss possible changes to the restaurant.

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