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January 17, 2018

Lauren Siebert, Reporter

Truck Pulled From The Spring River In Hardy With No Injuries Or Arrests

No injuries were reported after a pickup truck plunged into the Spring River at a residence on Broken Arrow in Hardy Oct. 26 just before noon.

Hardy Police Chief Tamara Taylor was dispatched to a residence where she met with vehicle owner Dalton Howells.

Howells told Taylor he had just arrived at his parent’s cabin approximately an hour before and had been attempting to load kayaks and canoes into his truck at the time of the incident.

While backing down a nearby boat ramp, the rear tire of Howells’ black, 2017 Ford F250 hit a slick patch on the boat ramp. Howells said he had meant to hit the break, but stepped onto the gas instead.

With the driver’s side door open, both Howells and the vehicle plunged into the river, launching Howells into a large rock pile in the water and his vehicle about 40 yards from the bank into deeper water.

Later that day, Dale’s Wrecker Service out of Ravenden, arrived with a standard tow truck and a larger one to begin working to free the vehicle from the water.

The Hardy Fire Department was also at the scene with a water rescue vessel. Initially, Howells and two fire fighters were able to hook the tow line to the vehicle and it was reeled in about 15 feet from the bank when it snagged on a tree and broke loose.

Divers with the fire department suited up and re-secured the vehicle with two tow cables, at which time it was pulled onto land using both trucks.

Reprinted with permission from Area Wide Media

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