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January 17, 2018

Store Listing Fee’s

What are the fees for selling your products on Friends Of Hardy Arkansas Online?

Friends Of Hardy Arkansas -Main Street Hardy Online’s (FOHA) fees.

FOHA charges NO upfront fees for you to get your product listed on our online store.

When you wish to list an item, all you will need to do is to  provide us with the product image, product detail and product price. This should be done through our special submission form for store product listings. We will then set the product up online for you. So, you are out NO UP FRONT COST to get your products online with us!

When an item sells, there then is a 10% processing/transaction fee on the selling price (not on the shipping/processing). We will then pick up the item from your local physical store and we will take care of the shipping and handling of the item, plus we will collect and pay sales tax on the items too. We will process online sales through our phycial affiliate store OCCM. Your only obligation is to have the product in stock (or notify of if your out of stock) so we are able to pick it up when sold. We hope to become your best customer!

Example: Product listed at $10 sells online. We will pick up the item directly from your physical store – paying you your sale price less our  10% listing fee or in this example  $1 (your net to you on that sell would be $9).

It is really that simple. Think of it as affordable marketing of your products! So get your items listed online today!

So, what are you waiting for?