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January 18, 2018

SRACC Nov. 17th Meeting Follow Up

Jack Haskins, Sharp County Ranger for the Arkansas Forestry Commission was the guest speaker for the Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce’s monthly meeting at Fredrick’s restaurant in Highland Nov. 17.

After being introduced by Chamber President Charlotte Goodwin, Haskins addressed the audience about tree damage that resulted from the recent ice storm, as well as tornados, straight line winds and extremely wet weather experienced by the county over the last year.

Haskins told the audience if a tree has only a quarter of the limbs damaged, the chance for survival is very good. He used the numerical analysis to go on to say if half of the tree was damaged, it may or may not survive, but only trees with over three quarters of their branches damaged have the least chance of survival.

He also told of the dangers of walking in the woods after Mother Nature’s fury. Haskins, said many trees have what he called “widow makers” in them and this means just what it sounds like; large limbs that are hanging in the trees that could fall at any time and those in the woods or even in yards should exercise extreme caution when walking near or under such trees.

Several audience members also questioned Haskins about damages and if trees might survive. Another question was about trees falling due to saturated ground conditions. He said this isn’t likely because trees have a huge root base, although they may lean, he said falling is not something that he has seen a lot of in the county. Haskins referred others to the county’s Extension service for questions about clipping and pruning.

Beth McIntire-Bess, vice-president also addressed the crowd regarding surveys that area businesses will soon be receiving regarding the upcoming Connect Arkansas broadband access possibility. Bess encouraged members to take time to fill out the surveys and told them that this type of Internet connectivity could be very beneficial to the area in respect to attracting new business for economic development.

The Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce meets monthly at Dutch treat luncheon at a various restaurants in the area on the third Tuesday of each month at noon. The next regular meeting will be Dec. 15. The location of the meeting will be announced at a later date.

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