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January 18, 2018

Still No Public Parking Signs

In an effort to bring to light once again issues that seem to continue to plague our small City, here we have another simple issue that has no logical explanation.  Now, more than two years ago in a City Council meeting it was announced about the placement of the wonderful new POST for the parking lots.  You can read that story from almost two years ago HERE. At the time, it was stated that current A&P funding was not available to cover the cost of the actual PARKING SIGNS to go on them.


[countup date=2010/08/17-hh:mm:ss] Over [timer], waiting on the signage to be installed.

Here we are now, still waiting with another tourist season upon us and they still have NO SIGNAGE on them! This is one more example of poor planning, in this case of the Advertisement and Promotions Commission.


Let’s look into the general purpose of the A & P Commission:

The Commission is the body that determines the use of the city advertising and promotion fund.

By state legislation, all A&P  funds,  some call this a Hamburger Tax,  shall be used:

  • 1)for advertising and promoting the city and its environs
  • 2)for the construction, reconstruction, equipment, improvement, maintenance, repair, and operation of a convention center
  • 3)for the operation of tourist promotion facilities in the city
  • 4)for personnel and agencies necessary to conduct the business of the A & P

Commission funds can also be used for:

  • 1)for funding the arts
  • 2)for operation of tourist-oriented facilities
  • 3)for construction, reconstruction, repair, maintenance, improvement, equipping and operation of public recreation facilities and for the payment of bonds.

Taxes shall not be used for:

  • 1)general capital improvements within the city
  • 2)costs associated with general operation of the city
  • 3)general subsidy of any civic group or chamber of commerce

The A & P Commission may contract with any group to provide actual services that are connected with tourism or conventions.

So, why would they only budget for the POST while not including the most important part of that…the actual signage to go on the post? Besides that, here we are over a YEAR LATER and you would have assumed, that at the very least, the commission would have BUDGETED THOSE SIGNS in with the new 2011 year budget. Unless that budget has still not been finalized?

Would you consider this PRUDENT PLANNING? Let us know with your comments below to this story. Also, we encourage you to CALL CITY HALL at  1-(870)-856-3811  and express your thoughts on this issue today.

6 Responses “Still No Public Parking Signs”

  1. FOHA
    September 9, 2011 at 11:09 am

    Friends Of Hardy Arkansas will offer to provide the missing signage for the City if the A & P is unable to figure out how to budget such a needed item.

    All we need is to be ASKED by the CITY !! We are happily waiting. We would just wish to add in small letters on the bottom: (Donated by Friends Of Hardy Ar.)

  2. Alex
    September 9, 2011 at 9:04 pm

    It seem that those on the commission have no experience in proper budgeting and planning. But, from all I have read, neither does the City! Poor planning and vision is obvious from what I have seen over the years. Not sure what good calling City Hall will do, you usually can’t get past the Mayor at that office. By the way does anyone have contact numbers or emails for all the Alderman?

  3. admin
    September 11, 2011 at 10:36 am

    If you wish to reach the city Alderman, currently unlike other cities that put the information online with contact numbers or emails. In Hardy, you can only SNAIL MAIL to City Hall and they say it will be delivered to those it is addressed to. You can get that mailing address and names of Alderman from this link: http://www.mainstreethardy.com/hardy-arkansas/hardy-city-officials/ it is time to make the calls, mail the letters and request action!

  4. gary
    November 2, 2011 at 8:24 am

    O.k., let’s try this again. My wife and I are in love with Hardy. We recently bought a piece of property in town on the river. We can’t wait to start building. We have visited Hardy every weekend possible in the past couple of months. We love the people, the river, the bluff, the park, the train….everything. I think my wife thinks the train comes through just for her. My wife makes director calls like, “cue the deer” or “cue the kayakers” because everything seems so wonderful that it could only be staged. There has been something going on in the park every weekend we’ve been there. I hope you Hardy folks know how blessed you are. The rest of the world doesn’t have such a wonderful place to live. I know there are problems in Hardy like there is anywhere, but what a wonderful place to live while dealing with problems. I grew up in a wonderful town like Hardy that I thought was paradise. My sister hated it. I moved away 30 years ago to go to college. I never returned. My sister is still there and still hates it. life is strange. I’m going to post this before i’m finished. I have something to say, but I don’t want to type “a book” just to have it disappear again because it didn’t accept my “CAPTCHA CODE”. Stay tuned…

  5. gary
    November 2, 2011 at 9:01 am

    I found this “Friends of Hardy” website this morning while trying to get my “Hardy fix” before I have to go to work this morning here in Kentucky. The site has some good stuff, but I was surprised to find it was actually a venue for complaining against the current city administration. Maybe that’s what this site was made for. I don’t know. But it’s a little misleading. I thought it was a website to promote Hardy. Maybe the mayor should get out of the gym. I don’t know. After a disaster, people make adjustments. They’re always inconvenient to someone. I thought it was great when we bought property here this summer and found how the town had adjusted and recovered. My wife told me she couldn’t wait to have a place here so we could pitch in next time the river flooded. She really loves Hardy. It was great meeting the mayor and the city officials in the old gym. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I don’t know your mayor that well, but I have seen her everywhere. She’s been good to us and we don’t even live in Hardy and can’t vote. So, there’s not a sign on a post and city hall is still using the old gym. Things move slower than we want sometimes. Someone has done a great job with this town. I don’t know if it’s the current administration. I assumed it was. The mayor sure seems to be working hard toward it when i see her. I tend to get side-tracked. My point is…The “Friends of Hardy” website is misleading to those on the outside who visit this site. I did not expect it to be a site for complaining against the current administration. I’ll end with saying. We love Hardy. We’ll probably see you again this weekend. We’re just looking for an excuse to make the 3 1/2 hour trip now that summer is over. God has really blessed your little spot on this planet. Enjoy it.

  6. admin
    November 2, 2011 at 9:11 am

    We are true FRIENDS OF HARDY…but if you ever get involved with the Mayor and you don’t just agree with her, then you will see the deeper seeded issues. Such as why NO SIGNS OVER A YEAR to help the TOURISM !?!?!

    Try to request documents under Freedom Of Information and it is like pulling teeth. Yes, Hardy is wonderful and great and we love it too. We just think the current leaders and alderman are more SELF SERVING and not for what is really GOOD for HARDY and the people. Like the GYM..which is not for the CITY TO ABUSE AND USE..when they have a perfectly good City Hall building with utilities on wasting money. They force venues to MOVE to a less appropriate place with no regards to the importance of TOURISM in the area. Read its history here on our site and you will understand. We welcome you to Hardy, and hope you continue to live your dream. As long as you don’t question the current leaders actions. All will be good.

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