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February 23, 2018

New Officers Join Hardy PD

The City of Hardy and it’s departments have undergone many changes since the start of the new year. Some changes include an increase in the number of police officers serving the City of Hardy.

According to Police Chief Tamara Taylor, her department has obtained several new reserve and part time officers.

Due to budget cuts, the department is presently unable to provide around the clock protection, but Taylor said the new officers have made up for a recent shortage suffered by the department. During the time the Hardy Police Department is not covering, officers with the Sharp County Sheriff’s Department are on duty.

“I have Don Blansett who is a reserve and then for part-time officers I have Dallas Montgomery, Justin Simpkins, Kristy Burns and Jason Bristol,” Taylor said. “Simpkins and Blansett are both from Pocahontas. Simpkins has experience with the Pocohontas Police Department. Blansett is actually a paramedic with the Spring River Ambulance Service and he put in for reserve. Bristow is from around Lynn but is a reserve for the Paragould Police Department. Burns works at Fulton as a reserve and a dispatch jailer and she’s a part time here. Montgomery is a full time officer for Fulton County and has been in the military. He’s a part-time officer here for us and has about 30 years experience.”

Taylor said that each officer currently serving has at minimum completed the 100 hour Reserve Officer training course.

“We know it’s new faces and several of them, but we encourage the public to introduce themselves to our officers. One big thing is that I want to express to the public that we’re still here, still working and if they need anything at all, don’t hesitate to call us. We’re here to help them and to serve them,” Taylor said.

Reprinted with permission from Areawide Media

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