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January 17, 2018

Local Business Join The Shop Local Spring River APP

If your a local business in the “Spring River” area of Arkansas, which includes Sharp County and Fulton County then you need to take advantage of the new and FREE LOYALTY CARD PROGRAM system for the area.

The new and official SHOP LOCAL SPRING RIVER app is available as a FREE download to your smartphones for  your customers and all shoppers.  It is a DIGITAL LOYALTY CARD system designed specifically for our area and for making it easy for every business to provide a way to keep your customers coming back to your business by use of a loyalty digital card.

As a business owner, you simply need to register your business on the official site at  https://www.shoplocalspringriver.com and wait for your account to be activated (this is to verify your business). You will then be able to login to the site and create your very own customized Loyalty Card for FREE! (yes free).

Join the movement and start seeing how it will help grow your business today and for the future.

Once activated and your logged into the site you, as a business operator, will gain access to additional articles and other info available under the sites BLOG SECTION. It will offer tips and pointers to help grow your business!  So, what are you waiting for? Come on and JOIN UP.

Together as a community we can truly bring the SHOP LOCAL spirit to our area.

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