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January 17, 2018

Lauren Siebert

Local Band Encourages Music Growth In Hardy

Even in the Ozarks, those who perform old country and gospel music are becoming rarer than in years past.

According to Darrel and Crystal Bliss, two members of the band Denim and Lace, they and their band mates are trying to resurrect the music culture in northern Sharp County.

“We want to add to the community,” Crystal said. “I know Dennis Horton and his group have tried doing this. Just to bring more music and the culture back. People enjoy live music and shopping and then listening to people sing. We want Hardy to be known for music. Hardy needs something to be known for to attract more tourists here to the area.”

Darrell said the band which formed a little over a year ago, actually came together after being asked to perform at a local restaurant in Ravenden.

“We started playing at Charlie’s and played for four months straight each Saturday. We play a variety of music; rockabilly, folk, gospel, we have some diversity,” Darrel said.

After generating a following at the restaurant in Ravenden, the band began to broaden their horizons in regards to venues.

“We play at Dr. Thompson Park and when the pocket park is open, we will play there as well. We’ve played at the Hardy Junction Music Hall and every other Saturday at Rhythm and Blues. We also play at the George D Hay Memorial Theater on Fridays,” Darrel said.

The five piece band consists of Crystal who plays filled, rhythm box, guitar and vocals, Darrel on bass and vocal, Steve Butler who plays lead guitar and vocals, Jim Florer who plays rhythm guitar and vocals and Rein Leidelmeyer on harmonica.

Darrel and Crystal said they would like to invite the community to attend a show and help them bring more music back to Hardy.

Reprinted with permission from Area Wide News


One Response “Local Band Encourages Music Growth In Hardy”

  1. Jay Lashlee
    September 22, 2017 at 3:16 pm

    I would love to see more music outside and street dances brought back to this area. This area and surrounding areas really need more things for its people to do and enjoy

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