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January 17, 2018

Local Artist Creates Unique Custom Baseball Bat’s

The Ozark Classic Crafts Mall has just completed one of its largest orders for a custom project which happens to include the newest product creation out of the store by its owner Marc Herring.

Here’s the completed first half of my largest workshop order to date. These bats are headed to Progressive Field up in Ohio for a corporate function at the Ball Park next week. Marc says, “Couldn’t have asked for a better project. It went smooth without any interference from Murphy.”

Thanks to Susie Nist from Touchstone Merchandising Group for finding me on Etsy as she was researching bat stands for bats she was going to get from Louisville Slugger. When Susie saw my bats she decided to have me make them instead of Louisville Slugger.We snatched this deal away from them and we did it better.This half was 55 bats with 55 stands. Each monogrammed with Progressive’s logo. The second half of the project will be another 55 of each delivered in 60 days

“The Ozark Classic Crafts Mall of Hardy and the Workshop of Stikmon Wood Werks and Design Studio may be tiny. But we’re mighty tiny and can do anything we set our minds to do. Including going up against the big boys. Like Louisville Slugger”, said Marc.

Thanks to Old Dominion Freight line for safely delivering my skid of bats and stands to the client.

This is my first Delivery by motor freight.


Mashuga. All the way!

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