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January 17, 2018

Howdy BNSF Neighbor ~ Please Clean Up Your Mess!

Here’s something to consider. A neighbor in Hardy continues to show how much it truly doesn’t care about Hardy, Ar our lovely small tourist town!

BNSF,  Burlington Northern South Fork Railroad, has over the many months. Damaged and almost destroyed the chain link fencing that separates the Hardy Parking Lot and railroad property. Turns out that BNSF claimed it had a right to destroy the fence since it and the entire parking lot was declared by BNSF to be owned by them. We say, “Poppycock.”

Belongs to the City and the fencing must be accomplished. Since we can’t have a quiet zone. How about plan a new less eyesore sound barrier of some sort, like other communities have. Then we can have a beautiful mural scene that represents our Rail Road history. If not that, then something else equally beautiful would show that you care about the community you pass through daily.

At the very, very least though ~ BNSF,  Like any one in the community. Should repair or even replace the fencing. They broke it. Please be a good neighbor and FIX IT!

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