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January 18, 2018

Here We Go Again – Hate & Lies

truckHere we go again…..good ole boy’s and dirty politics rear their ugly head! Just when things in Hardy were finally starting to appear to be moving in a positive direction this sign on this truck was left parked in the public parking lot in Hardy, Arkansas. We all know who owns this truck. Will these spoiled haters of progress and good honest hard working people ever go away?

There are a number of things wrong with this. But the one that stands out is the high level of hatred that is being demonstrated by who we believe the truck owner is (Bobby Guilliland). This has got to be the meanest and most unkind thing I’ve ever seen by an adult in all my life. It’s adolescent at its best and hateful at its worst. It’s a mean and cruel act that needs to quickly be undone and should be apologized for. But that would need to come from a humane person. Through this choice of actions that Bobby lacks is that quality. There are sources to Bobby’s feelings and choices. They too are mean and hateful and also demonstrate a degree of in-humanity and meanness.

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