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January 17, 2018

Hardy To Launch Farmer’s Market

The City of Hardy will launch a farmer’s market beginning in July. The market will take place the first and third Friday from 2 p.m. until 6 p.m., in the grassy area located between the former Downhome Country Kitchen and the old Motorcar Museum.

According to city council member, Advertising and Promotions [A&P] Commissioner and event coordinator Laura Smith, the farmers market will be a city sanctioned event.

“I came up with the idea that we needed this and pitched it to council and they were in agreement with it and the A&P is in agreement with it and are paying for the sign,” Smith said. “I’ve enlisted Sherry Groves to help with it and there will be an application up on the Hardy website and then they’ll have to fill out the form. It’s for produce, handmade goods, homemade products and they can get information online or at city hall.”

Smith said the cost to participate in the farmer’s market is $3 per day or $30 for the season which will run until September of this year.

With the current schedule, the market will not overlap with the Spring River Farmer’s Market held in Cherokee Village each Saturday.

Smith said by hosting a market in Hardy, it will provide farmers with the opportunity to reach a broader audience due to the flow of tourist traffic which comes through Hardy in the summer.

“We have people that walk but no way to transport them to Cherokee Village and so we need one of our own. We have people right here. We didn’t want to conflict with the Saturdays and had discussed Tuesdays but we chose Fridays because that’s when people are coming in for the weekend,” Smith said. “We’d like to invite any and all who have homemade goods, produce; we have a lot of backyard farmers who usually have extra and they’re welcome to come and sell it. We just want to see faces out there and invite them to be part of it.”

Reprinted with permission from www.areawidenews.com

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