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January 18, 2018

Hardy Receives Grant From Entergy

The City of Hardy has grown quite a bit this year, from new businesses opening up to the completion of several city projects and now, a large grant has been awarded and will help the city to continue to grow.

David Burnette and Jon Brown with Entergy traveled to Hardy July 1 to present a check for $10,000 to Mayor Jason Jackson.

According to a release from Entergy, the company is “helping amplify the opportunities for Northeast Arkansas community to entice visitors and serve the community by funding a $10,000 grant for a pocket park.”

David Burnette, customer service manager for Sharp County had this to say, “Charitable contributions are among the most important way We Power Life in our communities. Employees and retirees also contribute to our efforts by volunteering for charitable organizations in ways that support our mission to add value to the communities we serve.”

Jackson said the grant was something the city had sought out earlier in the year when they began discussing the idea of a pocket park.

“We had applied for several grants trying to make it happen but Entergy stepped up and approved our grant for $10,000. We’ve got the money now to start it and we’re looking at starting it in September,” Jackson said.

In addition to the grant, Jackson said Entergy will also partner with the city to set poles for the walls at a later date.

“They’ll have to be 30 foot poles and they’re going to get the poles and supply those too. They’re giving more than $10,000,” Jackson said.

The park, which is located in downtown Hardy behind the Hardy History Wall will feature seating, sun shades, speakers and LED lighting.

“It will be a place where the bands who have always played at Dr. Thompson park to come play because there will be more room. It’ll be a place to hang out and the acoustics will be better than at Dr. Thompson because it will have walls around it and so you’ll be able to hear it,” Jackson said. “It’ll be a great place for the bands, we’ll have benches up front and picnic tables in the back so that people can have lunch.”

Jackson said once construction begins on the park, he estimates it will take approximately 30 days to complete.

“We’ve got another grant coming through, and the decking people are going to help out on the decking and we’re looking at the moisture seal decking for the park out there,” Jackson said. “It will be fully funded by grants and we’ve had several people come out and say they will come help with the construction.”


Reprinted with permission from Area Wide Media

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