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January 17, 2018

Hardy Loses Power Following Bizarre Accident

A Sharp County man required medical attention and many Hardy businesses remained closed for the day May 10 after a vehicle took out a fire hydrant and telephone pole, causing the city to lose power to many of its businesses before taking out a street sign and ultimately coming to rest against a business.

According to Hardy Police Chief Tamara Taylor, the incident occurred at approximately 8:03 a.m., when the vehicle, driven by Mark Strickland, 45, left the roadway and proceeded to wreak havoc on the south side of the roadway beginning near Dr. Thompson Park and ending at the old arcade.

“He was traveling east on Main Street when he left the roadway striking a fire hydrant, telephone pole, street sign and building,” Taylor said. “Prior to officer arrival, he was taken away by ambulance.”

It is believed Strickland was suffering from a medical complication at the time of the accident, however; he did not sustain any life threatening injuries during the accident.

Crews began working to restore power to the southern half of Main Street. When power was disrupted, it caused an outage from Cotton Mercantile to the auction house and to homes located near the river, as well as to the camper park.

“We worked from about 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. Part of the city was without power and we called Entergy in but it took time because they had to bring a pole and set it,” Taylor said. “The city installed a new hydrant and there was no water lost because the hydrant’s safety valve worked.”

Approximately $9,000 in damages was caused during the accident.

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