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January 18, 2018

Hardy Knife Company Opens On Main Street

We are happy to announce that a new business has opened on Main Street in Hardy, Ar. With the tough economy that many business have faced over the last couple of years it is nice to see that a few are still willing to invest and take a chance on building a business.

The Hardy Knife Company opened right before Christmas and the new year. It sells, as you probably guessed, knives! You can find a variety of brands and styles of knives at the Hardy Knife Company. Prices range from a few dollars to the hundreds.  You can find all kinds of  knives from pocket, hunting, survival, collector swords and others, said Marc Herring the store owner.

Since its opening, many customers have been impressed about the store and enjoyed browsing its many products. In the near future the store will carry even more varieties of locally hand-made knives from the surrounding area, providing an additional service to local artisans.

Being that Hardy offers great fishing and hunting right in its backyard, this store plans to capitalize on that specialized need that those visitors are looking for. Additionally, they carry special designs for fund-raising opportunities for organizations such as area volunteer fire departments and such.

Be sure to stop by the next time you’re in Hardy, AR and check out the Hardy Knife Company.


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