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January 18, 2018

Hardy City Council Approves 2017 Budget

Hardy City Council members have finally been presented with a complete yearly budget to examine with their own eyes. After several years of not having a concrete budget to review, newly appointed recorder/treasurer Myranda Hobbs, with the assistance of many, presented the council with the budget at a working meeting on Jan. 17.

A working meeting was held to go over the budget in detail, with a special called meeting following to approve the budget. Before making a motion to accept the 2017 budget, the council had to “close out” and approve all spending for 2016, which was done with no incident or discussion during the special meeting.

“I make a motion that we pass the city budget as presented tonight with corrections,” said Alderwoman Vickie Rice. The motion was seconded by Alderwoman Laura Smith. The motion passed unanimously and Hobbs said the corrections will be made and budget returned back to the council members at the next meeting.

Though new to the council, Alderman Bruce Thurow was obviously aware of the struggle the city has had in the past with having a budget.”I would like to give a hand to Myranda [Hobbs] for getting the budget together. I think this is long past due. Twenty years in the making, thanks to you…You put a lot of effort into it,” Thurow said, commending the recorder/treasurer’s job. “Well thank you. I am trying. There is still some more work to go over but we will get there,” Hobbs said.

Thurow referenced a resolution passed by the city, which said, “public input at special city council meetings shall be determined at each such special city council meeting.” Thurow feels it is important for those in attendance to be able to speak in an allotted two to three minute time limit.

“I will leave this up to you guys, it doesn’t matter to me,” said Mayor Jason Jackson. “I make a motion that public input is accepted as standard for two-three minutes period at the end of this meeting prior to adjournment to discuss items that have been [discussed] at this meeting,” said Thurow. The motion was seconded by Taylor and passed by the council. Though the motion was made to allow public comment, no one from the audience spoke up about the budget.

Hardy City Council meets the first Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. at city hall.

Reprinted with permission © Copyright 2017, Area Wide News – Kim Break, Editor
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