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January 18, 2018

Hardy City Council Accepts Resignation From RT

Hardy City Council is on the search for a new recorder treasurer following current RT Myranda Hobbs’ resignation, which she delivered at the Aug. 1 meeting.

Hobbs cited moving out of Hardy as the reason for her resignation and thanked the council for the opportunity. “Thank you so much for the opportunity to work in this position for the past year. I’ve greatly enjoyed and appreciated the opportunities I’ve had to work on the government financials, and all of which I will take with me throughout my career,” Hobbs said.

During the meeting, council members to voted to amend Ordinance 2.20.1, which concerns council member payment. The ordinance states that members do not receive pay if not present for meetings. Councilman Raymond Hicks, who has served on the council for nearly two decades, said he remembers when they put the ordinance in place. It was used as a tactic to encourage the attendance of other council members in order to establish a quorum.

The amendment to the ordinance allows two unexcused absences for the year.

Tim Seager, citizen of Hardy, used the “speakers” portion of the meeting to discuss his concerns with the lack of volunteers and trash around the city.

Hardy City Council meets the first Tuesday of each month at the city hall at 6 p.m.

Reprinted with permission from Area Wide News

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