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January 17, 2018

A & P Minutes

As part of our service to the community you can now view copies of the minutes from the Advertisement and Promotions Commission of Hardy Arkansas right here online.  The Freedom Of Information Act makes these documents public records. This is just another service brought to you by Friends Of Hardy Arkansas “FOHA”  (more to come)

NOTE: It has come to our attention that certain individuals are pressing legal action to force us to remove this information from our website. We believe these items under FOIA are public records and that we have every right to post these documents online and make available to others to view. We strongly believe in a transparent government and our right to access and review of these documents.

A&P-FUND Cash Flow 2006-2009 

A&P Capital Imp 12/05-03/10

A&P Park Maint & Supplies12/05-03/10












IMPORTANT: Some of the copies we received had some third party pencil notes on them.  These notes are general and in no way should be assumed to be part of the original typed or printed document!
If you have questions please contact City Hall and make your own request for a copy per “FOIA”. Or even better request that the City Of Hardy put these items online on the official city website!