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January 18, 2018

Hardy Arkansas 2012 Vote Results

One of the biggest discussion in Sharp County  seemed to be about the county’s wet/dry issue, which passed, making Sharp County a wet county. The following are the results from other local races and issues on the ballot, including the medical marijuana which did not pass in the county, but is a state initiative.

City of Hardy Election Results 2012

Alderman Ward 1 Pos 1

  • Bob Gilliland-132
  • Amy Hussung-184

Ward 2 Position 1

  • Mary Yates-81
  • Dale Maddox-201
  • Louis Seibert-40

Alderman Ward 2 Pos 2

  • Liane Maddox-197
  • Sherri Groves-123

Alderman Ward 3 Pos 2

  • Sue Taylor-248
  • Peter Martin-66

Wet-Dry Local Option

  • For-3884
  • Against-3456

Issue No. 1 Sales Tax for Highways

  • For-3801
  • Against-3378

Issue No. 2 Local Development Bonds

  • For-2537
  • Against-4358

Issue No. 5 Medical Marijuana

  • For-3050
  • Against-4193

Total Voters-11212

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