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Main Street Hardy

Hardy Halloween – NOT CANCELLED

Halloween In HardyThe tradition will continue as scheduled on Halloween in Hardy, Arkansas! The location from the Hardy gym will change to down on Historic Main Street. Merchants and private citizens are invited to set up their Spook-tacular displays to the delight of everyone.

 It’s easy to participate, just bring your car and your kids and treats on Main Street for a fun filled night.

Park your car, open and decorate your trunk, and sit on your lawn chairs while you watch your child trick or treat from car to car, while you hand out candy to those visiting your car!

Hardy Merchants Must Come Together

It is time to finally realize that the business community in Hardy is in desperate times. With this said, it is important that the businesses COME TOGETHER as a group and become a united organization, if not – then you may continue to see a decline in business and tourism in our area. The Mayor in an email over a year ago to one of this websites founders stated that “she felt she was doing her part by ensuring that the basic needs of our city were being properly provided.”
However, she goes on to point the finger toward our own towns Main Street Program being the one needing to plan and attract tourism to our city.
I am criticized and accused of “not Liking someone” or “picking on them” when all I want is some action for the money we pay Main Street. No more than I would expect from any business that I pay money to. -Mayor Thornton
The City of Hardy pays them to do a job and if you will read their mission you will see that it is what they are all about. Economic dev, etc for downtown areas. – Mayor Thornton
You have all the amenities that a city needs, water, sewer, trash, streets, none of those are failing and I am in charge of those so what needs to be done? I challenge you to start a merchants association and to keep it running more than a year. -Mayor Thornton
So, even the Mayor feels the local businesses need to form a merchants association. She also states “that the businesses just need to stay open later to succeed. Additionally , she goes on to say that “they need to get more involved with a Merchants Group”. We disagree, we already have a local organization, and its called  Main Street Of Hardy, Inc. We suggest that the area businesses become  INVOLVED and SUPPORT this ONE GROUP and by being a strong single entity, we then believe that things will get done and for once,  the business voice will be heard.

This is even more important because the Main Street Of Hardy, Inc.  program’s 2011 budget was once again cut by the City! Remember, our area also has an A&P committee. The business leaders of the community,  must come together and present a thought out marketing plan to the A&P Committee, a plan that will work for the purpose that A&P was established for – ATTRACT TOURISM to our area. If we do not attend meetings and get heard by them, they will continue to spend in ways that we believe have not been successful. Currently, there is no marketing plan for the City of Hardy, but there is plenty of money to create one.

Main Street Of Hardy, Inc – Goes Online

We are excited and happy to announce that the official Main Street Organization –  Main Street Of Hardy, Inc which is part of the Main Street Arkansas program has announced that they are now officially online at their new website address located at www.mainstreethardyarkansas.org. This is the one and only official website address for the local Main Street Program. If you are not sure what the benefits and purpose of this important organization is, we hope you take the time to visit their website and learn more about them.

Christmas Decorations In The Park

Happy Holidays
Today at Dr. Thompson’s Park the Boy Scouts came out along with the Main Street of Hardy, Inc  organization along with other members of the community and the  Friends of Hardy folks to help put up Christmas lights to decorate the park. It was a wonderful time for all on this cool crisp morning. Everyone worked together in the spirit of Christmas. This type of unity is what we all enjoy seeing! When everyone, children, adults, all have a common goal and set their minds to it, then anything is possible. This is what makes Hardy the place it has always been and will always be! Happy holidays to each and  everyone, enjoy Thanksgiving and please come stop by Main Street to look at the beautiful Christmas decorations each evening as they are turned on. This will surely help get you in the Christmas spirit.  Be sure to stop by the local stores on Main Street too. We are sure you will find some wonderful gifts for your family and friends. When you take the time to “pause” in Hardy, you will feel the beauty and the magic of our beautiful town!

New Look And A New Direction

We are excited to present to you our viewers our newly designed website. It offers a new bright fresh look to go along with what we call, our new direction. What this means is the focus of the Main Street Hardy Online website will in essence get back to basics. This basic is the promotion of our precious Main Street District of Hardy, Arkansas.

Junk-n-Jam is a huge success !

This Labor Day weekend is a huge success for Hardy Arkansas. Main Street Hardy is the sponsor of the big Labor Day Weekend Junk-n-Jam event in Loberg Park this saturday…today. Volunteers started setting up the event on Friday evening and completed the set up Saturday morning…long before sunrise. The organization provided sausage biscuits to the early participants at no cost to the vendors. There were over 40 registered vendors and at least 6 morning arrivals giving the event more vendors than previous years. This is the 3rd Junk-n-Jam event for Main Street and by far the largest. The weather today is spectacular, cool morning and mild day brought out the people…in droves. The music is ongoing all day and the food and beverages were/are outstanding. Thanks to all who came out and supported Main Street and an even bigger thank you to the people who came out and enjoyed the event and bought from the vendors…see you again in the near future. Please keep abreast of what Main Street has going on at www.mainstreethardy.com/mainstreet.

New Parking Signage – Almost Ready

The City Council of Hardy Arkansas  announced in their regular city council meeting that the installation of the new poles for the soon to be made signs have been placed to help those driving into our city realize that additional parking is available toward the railroad tracks side of Main Street.

It was discussed that as soon as funding through A & P is available they would be looking into purchasing the actual signs to be place on the newly installed poles.

We hope this will help those looking for parking when the Main Street is full, will turn to park instead of driving through our city without stopping.

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