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January 18, 2018

Meetings Minutes

Hardy Council Meets and Makes Little Ground On Lengthy Agenda

Photo by Tammy Curtis Members of Hardy City Council welcomed new members Feb. 5 to their first meeting of the year. Husband and wife team Dale and Leanne Maddox, far left, and Vicky Rice joined the six member council.

Three new aldermen joined the Hardy City Council at its first meeting of 2013 on Feb. 5, but very little action was taken as a lengthy agenda was discussed in a meeting, that, at times, felt more like a debate session between the mayor and one new council member.

City Council Jan 4, 2011

This was the first council meeting of the new year with the newest coucil lineup which includes the newest councilwoman…Sherry Groves. We say goodbye to Bobby Guilliland who has served Hardy as councilman for many years…and thank you Councilman Guilliland, for your service to our community.

City Council’s Health Care Benefits

On July 20, 2010 the Hardy city council introduce  a resolution which would, eventually, end a controversial benefit extended to the city council. This benefit has been looked down upon by some citizens because it not only gives free health insurance to the city council members but their families too.

The resolution that was proposed was an attempt to remove the health insurance benefit for elected city officials due to budget constraints. Even if the resolution was to pass, those members who currently are covered under the plan would be able to keep it for the current fiscal year.