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If you put a raisin in a glass of champagne, it will keep floating to the top and sinking to the bottom.

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Fun New Car Themed Diner Opens in Hardy

CruisersJennifer Shultz is the proud new owner of a popular new restaurant located right in the heart of Hardy on Main Street. Cruisers is a dream come true for Shultz, who has always had a goal of owning and running her own restaurant. With live music on the weekends and a menu full of great food, Cruisers is quickly bringing life to Main Street.

Friday Night Bingo In Hardy Arkansas

bingom We are excited to announce that the Main Street Of Hardy, Inc. that is part of the Arkansas Main Streetbingow program is now bringing BINGO to Hardy, AR.

Located at 108 E. Mai Street in downtown Hardy the spacious 3,000 feet Bingo floor offers plenty of room for those looking for some Friday night fun. It offers elevated caller stand, audio system and four TV’s with a easy to see flashboard.

You can purchase Bingo packs for only $15 as well as other options too. Early Bird and Early Mini $2 pays cash and prizes too.

FOHA Recognized In Area Newspaper

The Friends Of Hardy Arkansas have been formally acknowledged in the area’s local newspaper, The Villager . In a front page article, our “civic” group was recognized for its gift of the signs in Hardy Arkansas.

At the June 4, 2013 City Council meeting we were happy to let the city know we had completed the installation of the signs we had offered to the city for the empty poles in the parking lots and in Dr. Thompsons park as well. The quality and workmanship by Signs by Rick were exceptional as we knew they would be.

A and P Commission Requirements Outlined

1867149-LThe Hardy Advertising and Promotion Commission met on Thursday, May 23 at the Main Street Of Hardy Inc., building on Main Street. With the commission only having three commissioners at this time, there was not a quorum so no motions were made. Dale Maddox, Vicki Rice and Nimmi Desai presented options for the four remaining commissioner positions.

How To Rejuvenate A Small Town

Through neglect or population decline, some small towns throughout America find  themselves lagging behind in business, education and tourism. Rural communities  can reinvent themselves by implementing arts programs or improving the business  infrastructure in their community. In the late 2000s, small-town life has once  again gained favor in the United States as an alternative to the stress and  expense of large cities. Boomtown Institute, a national organization devoted to  increasing industrial development in small towns, has helped rural towns to  thrive since 2000, while many major media outlets, like Huffington Post, run  features about the best small towns in America.

Hardy Arkansas Open For Tourist Season

 Come Pause In Hardy, AR for a day, a weekend, or more! With Spring weather arriving so early and Summer just around the corner….all of us are looking for some fun times from the grind of work. Well remember Hardy is a great place to come to for an affordable fun time.

If you enjoy camping, we have a camper park right off of the Main street in Hardy on the Spring River that is open and ready for you. If your into Bed and Breakfast stays, we got that too as well as some great hotels/motels. Now if you have a  larger group or  family, many home rental options are available  in the surrounding area.

Shop Hardy Arkansas – Online!

In today’s tough economy small town business owners are constantly looking for creative and affordable ways to find buyers for their products and services. With Hardy, Ar. having a population just under 800 it is that much more difficult to run a profitable business.

Many of the Main Street area merchants are geared toward our tourist and travelers just taking time to pause in Hardy. But does that mean you can only make sales when your doors are open? We here at the Main Street Hardy Online website think not!

FOHA Request Starting To Happen!

When you wish for something long enough and hard enough they sometimes really do come true! When you stand strong and persist even when you feel alone, things still can come true too!

With that said, Friends Of Hardy Arkansas (FOHA) is excited and happy to report that  our Mayor and the City appear to actually be listening and responding to what the people want. Has it been the smoothest and easiest road?  Not exactly, but sometimes you do what you have to do to try to get things done. We only hope that in the future a better open communication can be achieved between not only FOHA but the business community, citizens  and city hall too!

Hardy Merchants Must Come Together

It is time to finally realize that the business community in Hardy is in desperate times. With this said, it is important that the businesses COME TOGETHER as a group and become a united organization, if not – then you may continue to see a decline in business and tourism in our area. The Mayor in an email over a year ago to one of this websites founders stated that “she felt she was doing her part by ensuring that the basic needs of our city were being properly provided.”
However, she goes on to point the finger toward our own towns Main Street Program being the one needing to plan and attract tourism to our city.
I am criticized and accused of “not Liking someone” or “picking on them” when all I want is some action for the money we pay Main Street. No more than I would expect from any business that I pay money to. -Mayor Thornton
The City of Hardy pays them to do a job and if you will read their mission you will see that it is what they are all about. Economic dev, etc for downtown areas. – Mayor Thornton
You have all the amenities that a city needs, water, sewer, trash, streets, none of those are failing and I am in charge of those so what needs to be done? I challenge you to start a merchants association and to keep it running more than a year. -Mayor Thornton
So, even the Mayor feels the local businesses need to form a merchants association. She also states “that the businesses just need to stay open later to succeed. Additionally , she goes on to say that “they need to get more involved with a Merchants Group”. We disagree, we already have a local organization, and its called  Main Street Of Hardy, Inc. We suggest that the area businesses become  INVOLVED and SUPPORT this ONE GROUP and by being a strong single entity, we then believe that things will get done and for once,  the business voice will be heard.

This is even more important because the Main Street Of Hardy, Inc.  program’s 2011 budget was once again cut by the City! Remember, our area also has an A&P committee. The business leaders of the community,  must come together and present a thought out marketing plan to the A&P Committee, a plan that will work for the purpose that A&P was established for – ATTRACT TOURISM to our area. If we do not attend meetings and get heard by them, they will continue to spend in ways that we believe have not been successful. Currently, there is no marketing plan for the City of Hardy, but there is plenty of money to create one.

Main Street Of Hardy, Inc – Goes Online

We are excited and happy to announce that the official Main Street Organization –  Main Street Of Hardy, Inc which is part of the Main Street Arkansas program has announced that they are now officially online at their new website address located at www.mainstreethardyarkansas.org. This is the one and only official website address for the local Main Street Program. If you are not sure what the benefits and purpose of this important organization is, we hope you take the time to visit their website and learn more about them.

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