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Saturday, February 13, 2016

City Hall

Hardy Still Without Public Safety Director

Hardy City Council finalized the 2016 budget, which took up most of the discussion at the meeting held on Wednesday, Jan. 20. Council entered executive session near the end of the meeting to discuss the appointment of a director of public safety.

publicsafetyThe council moved to executive session to discuss hiring a new director of public safety. Though an appointment wasn’t made, a promotion that is nearly one year behind, was finally approved by the council. “Approve the promotion of Tamara Taylor to assistant chief as presented by chief Hutchinson on Feb. 17, 2015,” is the motion made when the council returned to regular session. The motion was unanimously passed by council.

Hardy Fire Department Requests Advisory Committee

Meeting2016-01Hardy City Council met for its first meeting of the new year on Tuesday, Jan. 5 with a large crowd including several members of the Hardy Fire Department. In addition to the ongoing concern voiced for proper documentation of the city’s budget, members of the fire department are concerned about funding and have a plan ready to set into motion.

Jason Jackson has only been on the fire department as a volunteer for a year, but with the help of the experienced volunteer firefighters, he believes they can make some positive changes. Jackson presented council members with some ideas to improve the department. He began as a three minute speaker, but after 10 minutes, the council moved the discussion to new business, as it was apparent there was a lot to discuss.

A and P attempts to better promote the city of Hardy

Cities across the state of Arkansas have Advertising and Promotions Commissions to assist in promoting tourism. Locally — Hardy, Cherokee Village and Mammoth Spring, have A and P Commissions and have worked together to promote each other. Hardy A and P has undergone some changes in recent years in an attempt to promote the city and draw in more tourism.

As stated on the commission’s website, the commissioners strive to follow the mission statement:

“The Advertising and Promotion Commission will prepare and execute a long term strategic plan for the external advertising of the community, in order to promote tourism and support the commercial growth of the city of Hardy.

Hardy City Council discusses possible ordinances on some dirty issues

2478749-HHardy City Council heard concerns from a resident about stray dogs on the loose in Hardy at the council meeting held on Tuesday, Nov. 3. The council also continued conversation about delinquent properties, whose owners have been contacted and instructed to clean-up.

Hardy Mayor Uses “Get out of Jail Free” Card On Ethics Violation

meet9-15Hardy City Council met in regular session on Tuesday, Sept. 1, but it was far from a regular meeting. The council had a busy agenda, but one topic stood out the most; passing ordinance 2015-2. Passing this ordinance was very important to Mayor Nina Thornton, which is why she used her ability to vote when there were three yes votes, two no votes and one abstention.

Hardy City Council Discusses Purchase Of New Police Cars

meeting 8-15Hardy City Council discussed the need for a new police car or repairs to an existing car, received a list of suggested repairs for the Hardy Gym by Freda Gamblin and re-visited a possible agreement with Spring River Ambulance Services at the meeting held on Tuesday, Aug. 18.

Hardy Chief Police James Hutchison was unable to give the department’s report due to health issues. Officer Tamara Taylor updated council members about the transportation issue in the department. The department’s 2007 silver Ford Crown Victoria appears to have a blown radiator, which occurred while the chief was making a traffic stop. The car had to be towed away and is since being stored on secured city property until a decision can be made regarding repairs.

Hardy Hires New Police Officer and Honors Long Time Employee

2399233-HHardy City Council was introduced to the city’s newest police officer and received updates on several city issues, including action taken by Judy Brown, who was hired to assist recorder/treasurer Carolyn Groves.

Police Chief James Hutchison introduced the newest, full time officer, Phillip Story to members of the council. “He did some work in Thayer, Mo. and the West Plains area before we went to work in Izard County, where he did nine years,” Hutchison said. The police chief said the department is lucky to have Story on board.

Hardy City Council To Get Official Website To Keep Residents Updated

citycouncilmeetingHardy City Council voted to established an official website at its meeting held June 2. The council also heard concerns about the Hardy Gym, approved use of Loberg Park for a Glow-Run and received an update on the city’s contract with Spring River Ambulance Service.

Hardy Discusses Possible Police Explorer and Vandalism Prevention

Meeting5-15Hardy City Council had a full agenda at its meeting on Tuesday, May 19. Superintendent Billy Gilbreath addressed vandalism concerns, Police Chief James Hutchison introduced a new member of the department and the possibility of a Junior Police program. A discussion was held about what the city can do about cleaning up properties around town.

Hardy A & P To Sponsor Digital Workshop

MeetingThe Hardy Advertising and Promotions Commission met Monday, May 11 and discussed designs for signage, monthly finances and presenting a digital marketing workshop for local businesses. The commission also received requests from crowd members regarding signage and more advertising.

The Walking Tour Maps and Rack Cards that A and P have designed in the past will receive a face lift and some additions. The maps have been helpful to visitors of Hardy, by showing tourists where the unique shops, restaurants, lodging and recreational activities can be located. “I’ve talked with Vision Amp and they are working on design work for the parking direction signage and also on the Walking Tour Maps and Rack cards. They should have something for us to approve soon,” said Commissioner Dale Maddox.

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