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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

City Hall

Hardy Mayor Nina Thornton Faced With EEOC Charge

MayorEEOCHardy City Council learned of an EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) charge that is under investigation involving Mayor Nina Thornton and Alderman Jason Jackson at its meeting Tuesday, June 8. In addition to the charge, council members voted to have missing city documents investigated by Hardy Police Chief Scott Rose. An ordinance was also passed for existing residences on Main Street to be legal living quarters. A plan was also put in place to sell the city van.

Hardy City Council Fills Vacant Council Seat

2596508-LHardy City Council met on Tuesday, May 3 with a full audience and three hopeful Hardy residents vying for the open seat on council.

After a lengthy reading of past minutes, the council decided to wait to approve the minutes, as council members weren’t comfortable with the format of the minutes, as previously stated. The council claims minutes have too much “opinion” in them and need to follow a more formal format where motions made and passed are the main subject of minutes. A motion to table the approval of minutes was made and passed.

The Great “My van’ Debacle

2586364-HIt is no surprise emotions ran high at the most recent Hardy City Council meeting. On Tuesday, April 19, council members and guests were holding nothing back as the council overturned the mayor’s veto, heated arguments took place and Alderwoman Liane Maddox resigned from her position. Hardy City Council, unlike other cities in Sharp County, meets twice a month for regularly scheduled meetings and always has issues to discuss, whether it be old, new or unfinished business. Covered in this article are the meetings of April 5 and April 19.

New Signage On Main Street

hardysignThe city of Hardy has a brand new sign in place on Main Street! Thanks to our Hardy Advertisement & Promotions for taking a great step forward toward great use of the A&P funds. Great sign to help PROMOTE THE AREA!  Keep up the great work!

Hardy City Council Keeps With Theme Of Heated Discussions Over Selling Van

The VanThe Department of Public Safety has been the “hot” topic at recent Hardy City Council meetings and it was no different at the meeting on Tuesday, March 15. Along with the DPS budget, the council discussed nuisance properties, signage updates and lack of reports.

Jason Jackson, who has been making appearances at nearly every meeting since January, is a volunteer for the Hardy Fire Department and is motivated to improve the department for the safety of the residents. Alderman Dale Maddox introduced Jackson and asked him to speak to the council on his grant findings and information from the USDA about releasing the city van to sell for cash and utilize the funding elsewhere.

Hardy A and P Gears Up For 2016 Tourist Season

Hardy A&P Tour MapHardy Advertising and Promotion Committee has been working hard in 2016 and are hoping for a great year. Commissioners Nimmi Desai and Freda Gamblin sat down with Villager Journal and highlighted actions already taken this year.

“In keeping with our by-laws, we elected officers for 2016. The chairman is Vickie Rice, Vice-Chair is Dale Maddox, finance committee consists of Desai and Maddox, Gamblin is secretary and Dennis Horton is in charge of the music, radio advertising and tram project. All of us are looking forward to a busy and productive year,” said Gamblin.

Rose Works With Fire Department To Save Hardy Time And Money

Hardy City Council received updates from department directors and progress was made toward improving Hardy Fire Department at the council meeting held on Thursday, March 3.

Newly appointed Director of Public Safety, Scott Rose, reported he has been busy making changes and updates in both fire and police departments. In addition to the new Dodge Chargers, the department’s Ford Crown Victorias are up and running and available for use in case of an emergency situation. Rose received approval from the council to make upgrades and changes in the office from reporting and recording software to how evidence is logged.

Hardy City Council Repeals Retroactive Ordinance and Chooses Director of Public Safety

2550196-HHardy Mayor Nina Thornton appointed Scott Rose to Director of Public Safety at the regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 16. The council also passed an ordinance to repeal the retro-active ordinance previously passed in September 2015. The council was also made aware of the purchase of two “new to the police department” Dodge Chargers.

Retro-active Resolution Causes Friction At Hardy City Council

Meeting-room-clip-artHardy City Council met on Feb. 2 for a regularly scheduled council meeting. Routine business was taken care of throughout the meeting along with approving the hire of two part-time officers for the police department per assistant police chief Tamara Taylor’s request. When it came time for one alderman to bring new business to the table, things got interesting.

Alderman Dale Maddox brought before the council an ordinance to repeal the retro-active ordinance passed at the Sept. 1 council meeting. The retro-active ordinance was brought up after an auditor’s report revealed in 2010, Mayor Nina Thornton and recorder/treasurer Carolyn Groves and Groves’ husband, were paid from the summer feeding program’s state funds. At the September meeting, Thornton stated it was only a reimbursement payment.

Hardy Still Without Public Safety Director

Hardy City Council finalized the 2016 budget, which took up most of the discussion at the meeting held on Wednesday, Jan. 20. Council entered executive session near the end of the meeting to discuss the appointment of a director of public safety.

publicsafetyThe council moved to executive session to discuss hiring a new director of public safety. Though an appointment wasn’t made, a promotion that is nearly one year behind, was finally approved by the council. “Approve the promotion of Tamara Taylor to assistant chief as presented by chief Hutchinson on Feb. 17, 2015,” is the motion made when the council returned to regular session. The motion was unanimously passed by council.

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