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January 18, 2018

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City Employee Recognized For 25 Years At Hardy City Council

Hardy City Council resolved issues, passed ordinances and honored an employee who has been with them for 25 years at the most recent meeting held Tuesday, Jan. 2.

Director of Public Works, Billy Gilbreath, knew he was in for a surprise when his family showed up to the Hardy City Council meeting. While filling out paperwork for the new year, recorder/treasurer Greg Bess said it came up Gilbreath had been with the city 25 years in January. Bess and Mayor Jason Jackson began working on a surprise for the long time employee, and decided to let his family in on the surprise they had in store for Gilbreath.

City Of Hardy Makes Tough Budget Decisions

The Hardy City Council faced tough decisions and a packed city hall Dec. 15 during the council’s final budget meeting.

Once the meeting began, Sharp County Justice of the Peace Roger Stark spoke to the council to inquire as to whether they would be discussing the proposal, submitted by request, to the council concerning the police department. Stark was told it would be discussed but not until later in the meeting.

Next to speak to the council was District Judge and local attorney Mark Johnson on behalf of the Sharp County Library Board. For the past several months, the city and library have been in legal conversation over the 99 year lease contract which is held between the two entities.

Truck Pulled From The Spring River In Hardy With No Injuries Or Arrests

No injuries were reported after a pickup truck plunged into the Spring River at a residence on Broken Arrow in Hardy Oct. 26 just before noon.

Hardy Police Chief Tamara Taylor was dispatched to a residence where she met with vehicle owner Dalton Howells.

Howells told Taylor he had just arrived at his parent’s cabin approximately an hour before and had been attempting to load kayaks and canoes into his truck at the time of the incident.

While backing down a nearby boat ramp, the rear tire of Howells’ black, 2017 Ford F250 hit a slick patch on the boat ramp. Howells said he had meant to hit the break, but stepped onto the gas instead.

Howdy BNSF Neighbor ~ Please Clean Up Your Mess!

Here’s something to consider. A neighbor in Hardy continues to show how much it truly doesn’t care about Hardy, Ar our lovely small tourist town!

BNSF,  Burlington Northern South Fork Railroad, has over the many months. Damaged and almost destroyed the chain link fencing that separates the Hardy Parking Lot and railroad property. Turns out that BNSF claimed it had a right to destroy the fence since it and the entire parking lot was declared by BNSF to be owned by them. We say, “Poppycock.”

Halloween In Hardy

A fun day in Hardy Arkansas. Our annual Treat Street on Main Street event was a HUGE hit once again. This was the 5th, “Follow The Trail of Treats Down Main Street”, Thanks to ALL the folks who turned out and had fun. See y’all next year. Same bat time. Same bat station. #comepauseinhardy

Mayor’s Dog Murdered – $1,000 Reward For Information!

It is with great sadness that we are reporting this news story in regards to the recent murder of our Mayor’s beloved dog. We learned that Hardy’s Mayor , Jason Jackson’s dogs had been poisoned and that one had died and the second near death. The definition of Murder is 1.the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.

These were Dogs, not Humans. Not able to defend themselves from their attacker. Totally innocent of any offense. and they were poisoned to death. So, there is a murderer of innocent pet dogs in the neighborhood. Someone who is capable of killing and hurting the pets of another. This bothers me and it should bother everyone here in the community.

Local Business Join The Shop Local Spring River APP

If your a local business in the “Spring River” area of Arkansas, which includes Sharp County and Fulton County then you need to take advantage of the new and FREE LOYALTY CARD PROGRAM system for the area.

The new and official SHOP LOCAL SPRING RIVER app is available as a FREE download to your smartphones for  your customers and all shoppers.  It is a DIGITAL LOYALTY CARD system designed specifically for our area and for making it easy for every business to provide a way to keep your customers coming back to your business by use of a loyalty digital card.

City Of Hardy; Down A Police Officer and Department Split

City of Hardy council members made the decision to split the Department of Public Safety into two departments and learned more about the termination of a Hardy police officer at the regular scheduled meeting held Oct. 3.

During the speakers portion, near the beginning of the program, Scott Hart, who is known by many as one of the three full-time Hardy police officers, read a letter to council members, “as formal notice of appeal to reinstate my position with the Hardy Police Department.” After Hart’s presentation, the council decided the matter was best discussed in executive session, which would take place near the end of the meeting.

SRACC Gears Up For 2017 Business Expo

The Third Annual Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce [SRACC] Business Expo will be held Oct. 14 from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. at the A.L. Hutson Center in Highland.

SRACC Board Member Marc Herring would like to extend an invitation to the community to attend and for area businesses to participate in the Expo.

“This is a showcase of local businesses and other businesses that wish to do local business,” Herring said.

The Expo will feature more than 40 local businesses, and will offer the opportunity for the community to come and familiarize themselves with the resources available in the area.

Apple Butter Gang At Hardy UMC Prepares For Another Successful Season

For more than 20 years now, if you happen to drive past the Hardy United Methodist Church in Hardy around this time of year, you may notice what has become a familiar and welcoming scent.

Known as the Apple Butter Gang, members of the congregation, gather to create hundreds of jars of apple butter.

“We’re making homemade apple butter to raise money to support the mission and community work that the Hardy United Methodist Church does,” Marilyn Lynn said.

A volunteer in the project since 1998, Lynn is now an expert in the creation of the flavorful treat which resides inside quart and pint jars.

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