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January 17, 2018

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We welcome your news, post, stories and comments and expect that what you post will follow the general rules of respectful civil discourse. However, this is a moderated site, and we will only post comments from visitors and members that relate to topics on and about the area of  Hardy Arkansas: Your Main Street Hardy Online Site. We will review stories and comments for posting within a few business days. You are fully responsible for everything that you submit in your stories or comments, and all posted comments and forum post are in the public domain. We do not discriminate against any views, but we reserve the right not to post stories and comments or forum post

News/Events/Story Submission

By submitting information, you consent to its incorporation into this site if we determine it useful to others. You also consent to minor editing. We will not use any individuals’ names, unless you request, or if its already displayed,  but will name your organization(s) if referenced unless you ask us to avoid that.  Please read our terms and conditions HERE

If you want to add more detail than the the news form permits, tell us. Also, if selected, we may contact you to request a photo, further information about your post and other bits of information.