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February 23, 2018

Friends of Hardy (FOHA)

Friends of Hardy Arkansas (FOHA) is a group of businesses and private individuals of Hardy and its support communities whose primary mission is to help one another maximize each others potential through a common unity of purpose, believing the concept of friendly business cooperation promotes good business for everyone. Our online website, called Main Street Hardy, is the information resource guide for everyone interested in what is happening here in Hardy, AR and its support communities.

Our mission includes:

  • Promote area business by providing affordable marketing, publicity and advertising — print (newspaper, brochure), internet (website), and television
  • Sponsor and endorse existing and new community events to promote Hardy and the local  businesses, and most importantly have fun doing it!
  • Encourage cooperation with the area  business community
  • Represent the interests of merchants with government entitites
  • Participate in regional economic development decisions
  • Become an information and services resource to assist member merchants in growing their businesses
  • Offer fundraising events to achieve our goals and objectives
  • Create a Micro Loan Fund to help small area businesses during off season periods

Become a Supporter of FOHA Today !

The Friends of Hardy Arkansas is active in the civic and business life of Hardy and the entire Spring River Area.  We plan to sponsor various programs with the local community.