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January 18, 2018

A and P Commission Requirements Outlined

1867149-LThe Hardy Advertising and Promotion Commission met on Thursday, May 23 at the Main Street Of Hardy Inc., building on Main Street. With the commission only having three commissioners at this time, there was not a quorum so no motions were made. Dale Maddox, Vicki Rice and Nimmi Desai presented options for the four remaining commissioner positions.

Vicki Rice opened the meeting by welcoming the 30 plus crowd. “We are basically in new territory here and will try to tread lightly on any perceived authority. We also want to note that the reason for this meeting is to prepare our recommendations for new commissioners’ approval by city council,” Rice said. She read the minutes from the April 11 meeting, but approval for the minutes were tabled until a quorum is formed. The commissioners also had a projected income sheet for the public for 2013. The projected income handout was based on what the commission approved during its September 27, 2012 meeting.

Dale Maddox informed the crowd that commissioner Sunni Cooper resigned from the A and P Commission on May 20. “Four members shall be owners or managers of businesses in the tourism industry, at least three of whom should be owners of hotels, motels or restaurants who should reside in the city or if the governing body of the city provides for, by ordinance the owner or manager may reside outside the city but in the county in which the city is located and serve staggered term of four years,” Maddox read from state law. He added the council did amend the ordinance to say that the business owner/manager may reside in Sharp or Fulton Counties. He also explained the other three commissioners’ positions. ‘Two members of the commission shall be members of the governing body of the city selected by the governing body and serve at the will of the governing body. One member shall be at the public at large and should serve for a term of four years,” Maddox said. That is total of seven commissioners.

At the previous meeting it was requested that those interested in serving as a commissioner to submit their names. There was a great interest shown with seven people total. The only two that qualified under the tax collector positions were Jeff Klein and Phillip Ashcroft, which will automatically be presented for approval. The interested parties in the non-tax collector seat were Jeff Kamps, Scott Quintana, Ron Martin and Dennis Horton. Only one person showed an interest in the at large position and that was Fredamae Gamblin.

“The at large person must live within city limits. Fredamae Gamblin has a longer history than nearly all of us here with Hardy. She has been in business and grew up here and volunteers all over,” Maddox said. Gamblin is looking forward to being able to further serve her community, like she’s always done and is known for.

In an unconventional, but fair way the two other commissioners were chosen to reside on the committee. “I talked to each one of the four individuals who submitted their names and each of them graciously said they would be fine with any of the other three. The only way I knew how to be fair was an old fashioned thing from the bible called drawing lots,” Maddox laughed. The way the commissioners decided to choose one is by the flip of a coin. The gentlemen or his representative, was asked to write his name on a piece of paper and the letter “H” for heads and “T” tails. If your side of the coin was chosen, you were still in the race. Ron Martin was out in the first round. After several ties, Scott Quintana was out. It came down to Dennis Horton and Jeff Kamps. After several more ties and laughs from the audience, it was Horton who won out.

With no argument about the commissioners who will be brought to the city council for approval, the major business of the meeting ended. Commission Rice added, “We would like to thank the Main Street Of Hardy Inc. for allowing us to use their facility.” The facility is new to the organization and they are currently undergoing renovations in the newly obtained building.

In closing and additional comments, Commissioner Desai had something to say to the public. “I would like to thank the public for supporting me on Tuesday, after the council moved to approve my position on the commission. I know I’m the only old member from the original commission. I can see the support now, that I didn’t think I would see in the past, so thank you,” Desai said.

Community member and Main Street business owner Marc Herring would like to continue to see the A and P Commission move forward. Herring asked the commissioners, “Since the next city council meeting is so far away and the commission is finally moving forward, would this not fall under an emergency meeting so the commission can actually get things going?” Maddox replied that it could be something they meet on, but it would have to be decided by the council members. Maddox also added in closing that he knows there is a lot to be done and a lot of ideas to be heard from the public. “We didn’t think it was appropriate until there was a seven person commission to hear these ideas,” Maddox said.

Reprinted with permission from: © Copyright 2013, Area Wide – By Kim Bray, Staff Writer

URL: http://www.areawidenews.com/

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